Helpful Hints to Prevent Mould in your playhouse

Helpful Hints to Prevent Mould in your playhouseHere are some helpful hints

A wooden garden shed is a great place to store not only gardening equipment but also the overspill of items from your home. Storing items in a garden shed will help to increase the lifespan of your tools and children’s outdoor toys, however these items can suffer from mould if you are not careful.

In order to prevent the things kept inside your wooden garden shed from going mouldy try to keep your garden shed well ventilated. If you have trapped air in the shed your mould problem will worsen.

Any item that could draw moisture such as tools made from wood or items stored in cardboard boxes need to be kept off of your sheds floor. Try to stand things on batons if you can. Also keep boxes away from the walls of your wooden shed so that air can flow freely around them.

Don’t take excess moisture into your wooden garden shed. Allow play equipment and tools to dry out fully before you safely store them inside of your garden shed. If you allow wet items into your shed your mould problem will only worsen.

Keep your garden shed doors open on dry days allowing fresh air to flow into your wooden shed.